Home Health

Our skilled home health team includes nursing and therapy services specifically designed to assist you in regaining your optimal level of functioning. Certified nursing assistants and social work services are also available as needed to assist throughout the rehabilitative process.


Home Health care is a special type of rehabilitative care aimed at bringing an individual back to their prior level of functioning following a decline in health

Trained Professionals

status. Care is provided in the home or home-like setting under the direction of your primary care physician.

Qualified medical personnel will visit you in your home to assess your needs. Together, we will discuss the types of services needed and develop a plan of care to promote optimal recovery or rehabilitation.

Home Health services are provided until rehabilitative goals have been met and maximum independence has been achieved. Costs for home health services are 100% covered under your Medicare benefit, Medicare Advantage plan, or other private insurer.


Home Health services may be appropriate in a variety of situations. Some typical reasons for electing your home health benefit may include:

  • Discharge from a hospital or nursing home
  • Recent surgical procedure
  • Recent falls
  • Recent change in health status
  • Chronic medical conditions requiring symptom management

To qualify for home health services, it must be difficult to leave your home without assistance. Call to receive a free in-home assessment today!


Elevation Home Health can provide a combination of services in your home under the direction of your physician. Services will be provided by certified professionals experienced in rehabilitative care. Team members may include the following as determined by you, your physician, and the nurse case manager.

A skilled nurse is an RN or LPN with training and experience in providing care in the home. The nurse communicates frequently with your physician to update your plan of care. Services may include; evaluation of client needs, performance of skilled nursing procedure, and coordination of client care and services with your physician and other health care team members. Nurses also educate clients, family members and caregivers about disease processes, self-care techniques and prevention strategies.

Physical Therapy is abranch of rehabilitative health that uses specially designed exercises and equipment to help clients regain or improve their physical abilities.

Occupational Therapy is a branch of rehabilitative health that uses specially designed exercises to help people of all ages improve their ability to perform tasks in their daily living and working environments.

Speech Therapy is abranch of rehabilitative health that focuses on the improvement of speech and swallowing issues. The approach used depends on the disorder. Approaches may include physical exercises to strengthen the muscles used in speech (oral-motor work), speech drills to improve clarity, or sound production practice to improve articulation.

Medical Social Workers provide short-term counseling services, assist in obtaining needed community resources, and provide long-range care planning to clients and their families. The goal of a social worker is to provide interventions that assist in improving a client’s quality of life.

Home Health Aide services are delivered under the supervision of a registered nurse or licensed therapist. Our aides have experience and training in providing care in the home. An Aide is assigned when there is a specific need for personal care on a part-time basis at home. Any duties the home health aide performs will be planned by you and the nurse and added to your plan of care. Typical duties include bathing, shampooing hair, changing bed linen, and assistance with other activities of daily living.

Dieticians advise on what to eat in order to contribute to a healthy lifestyle or achieve a specific health-related goal.


An on-call nurse available 24 hours a day.

  • Diagnosis specific symptom management education
  • Medication management
  • Wound care
  • Incontinence and catheter care
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Balance improvement and fall prevention.
  • Post-surgical care
  • Dietary Counseling
  • Pain management
  • Personal care assistance
  • IV therapies
  • and more…