Welcome to Elevation Hospice

Elevation Hospice believes clients deserve to receive the highest level of care. By keeping our administrative costs low, we are able to provide the elevated levels of service necessary to promote an optimal palliative hospice experience.

“At Elevation Hospice we believe the Medicare funds used to pay for hospice services are sacred. In most cases, our clients have spent a great deal of their lives paying into the Medicare system for a time when care such as hospice is needed. Our commitment is to keep our administrative costs in check so as to use these funds to provide the elevated levels of services needed to meet the needs of our clients and their families.” – Daniel Rogers, MSW (Founder)

Please feel free to browse our site and learn more about the wonderful care that hospice can provide. Or better yet, contact one of our amazing team members and we will be happy to discuss the valuable benefits of the hospice program and help to determine if you may be a candidate to receive extra support and care in your place of residence.